Costs and Benefits: Is Radon Mitigation Worth It for Fort Collins Homes?

Discovering your Fort Collins home has hazardous radon levels raises critical questions. Protecting your family seems vital, but how much will professional radon mitigation really cost? With any major home expense, the natural response is to weigh the investment against the expected return and value. When your household’s health and safety are on the line, the benefits of radon mitigation far outweigh the reasonable installation costs. Understanding these key factors shows why proper radon reduction is worth every penny.

The Health Dangers of Radon Exposure

First, consider the grave health risks presented by elevated radon levels, especially over many years of exposure. This radioactive gas increases the chances of developing lung cancer. In fact, radon causes approximately 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year according to the EPA. It is the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers.

Radon decay releases radioactive particles that get trapped in the lungs when inhaled. The cumulative cell damage they cause can lead to malignant growths over time. While any radon carries some degree of risk, the EPA recommends fixing levels at or above 4 pCi/L. The longer your home has high radon, the greater the lifetime health consequences.

Estimated Costs of Radon Mitigation

Professional radon mitigation through an active sub-slab depressurization system is the most reliable fix for reducing concentrations. This involves installing a 3-4” PVC vent pipe through the foundation slab with an inline fan to redirect radon from beneath the home before it can enter. Fans run continuously to keep basement air pressure lower.

For most homes, the total costs of radon mitigation range from $1200 – $2500 on average. This includes materials, fan, labor, proper sealing, and post-installation testing. Multi-level homes or those requiring multiple suction points may cost slightly more. Some homeowners insurance policies help cover a portion of radon system expenses.

Unlike less-effective DIY options, professional radon mitigation aims to reduce levels to well under 4 pCi/L. Certified contractors also provide warranties on parts and labor for further financial protection. Overall, radon mitigation systems present a relatively inexpensive home improvement given the immense health benefits and peace of mind they yield.

Value of Radon Reduction for Your Family
You can’t put a price on protecting your loved ones’ health and wellbeing. Preventing deadly lung cancer from high radon exposure in the home is a priceless investment. Children and non-smokers especially face substantial radon risks. No amount of money saved is worth jeopardizing your family’s safety.

Radon mitigation also benefits family members who spend the most time at home. Full-time parents, young children, the elderly, and those working from home see disproportionate radon exposure. Proper mitigation ensures the home isn’t endangering those inside of it most.

Added Home Value from Fixing Radon

On top of health benefits, radon mitigation also boosts your home’s value significantly for resale. One study found houses with high radon concentrations sold for 2-3% less compared to mitigated homes or those without radon issues. That can amount to thousands lost in value.

Moreover, disclosing known radon hazards without mitigation can seriously hamper a home’s salability. Radon-related renegotiations or mandatory mitigation at closing are common. Any smart home buyer will test for radon. Underscoring your home is protected gives buyers confidence and demonstrates your commitment to maintenance.

Ongoing Savings After Mitigation

A radon mitigation system requires minimal electricity and upkeep once installed. Fans cost only $3-7 per month to run continuously. Ongoing radon tests every 2-5 years, fan replacement every 5-10 years, and occasional repairs make up the bulk of long-term costs.

Compare this to extensive healthcare expenditures and lost income potential from lung cancer. Proper radon mitigation saves on astronomical medical bills down the road. Reducing this threat also avoids lost home value. The small initial investment in mitigation leads to major savings over time.

Weighing the Clear Benefits of Radon Mitigation
For less than the cost of a new HVAC system, you can eliminate the leading environmental cause of lung cancer from your home for good. Professional radon mitigation is an economical way to protect what matters most – the health and safety of your loved ones. The benefits to them and your biggest investment make mitigation a worthwhile expense many times over. Don’t wait to take this critical step.

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